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This Mom Gave Birth To Triplets, Then Got Super Real About Her Postpartum Body

Real mom, real life.

Say hello to Maria and her one-month-old triplets, Iben, Agnes, and Filip.

She shared a week-by-week progression of her pregnancy on Instagram and it was absolutely amazing.

triplets_of_copenhagen / Via Instagram: @triplets_of_copenhagen

Here she is right before giving birth. (Woah, baby!)

triplets_of_copenhagen / Via

Since the birth of the triplets, Maria has been sharing literally the cutest pics of her new bundles of joy on her Instagram account triplets_of_copenhagen.

triplets_of_copenhagen / Via

But she has also been sharing her real-life postpartum experience.

triplets_of_copenhagen / Via

Like finally being able to change out of the hospital gown...

... And waiting for her uterus to shrink down.

triplets_of_copenhagen / Via

Currently, Maria is four weeks postpartum. It takes about six to eight weeks for the uterus to return to its normal size after pregnancy...but since she gave birth to triplets it could take longer.

triplets_of_copenhagen / Via

People on Instagram are completely amazed and inspired by her.

So, Maria, we just want to say, you are a rockstar!


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