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This Mom Is Having Triplets And She Has An Incredible Week By Week Progression Of The Pregnancy

*jaw drops*

Update: Maria had her triplets! They are named Iben, Agnes, and Filip.

Meet Maria, her husband Anders, and their son Mikael from Copenhagen.

Maria is unmistakably pregnant with TRIPLETS.

And she is so pregnant (35 weeks to be exact) that she told BuzzFeed she is currently in the hospital preparing to have the babies (I know, exciting!).

Maria has been sharing her pregnancy journey on her Instagram account triplets_of_copenhagen.

She has shared happy moments, but also raw and real moments. This is a photo of Maria in the car after she found out she was having triplets. She said it was the biggest surprise of her life and her family was in total shock.

She recently made this amazing pregnancy collage of her growing belly, starting at 12 weeks up to 34 weeks.

She's been really relatable to anyone that's ever been pregnant before.

And she has a great sense of humor about the bodily changes that come along with pregnancy.

These are two photos that were taken just four hours apart and – from one mom to another – it perfectly sums up the ups and downs of pregnancy.

She's gone from 'lil bitty baby bump...

...to this insanely impressive one.


Clearly the babies are going to be adorable and we want to wish Maria a safe and healthy delivery.

You can continue following Maria's journey on Instagram.

Cheers to three babes being carried by one strong AF mom!