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    The "They Don't Know" Meme Has Resurfaced On Twitter And It Literally Has Me In A Coffin


    Back in 2014, this meme went wildly viral on Tumblr:

    Meme saying, I wish I was at home playing video games."

    The comic featured The Feel Guy, who represents anyone who gets anxious and uncomfortable at social gatherings. People related to it so much that they started creating their own hilarious text to go along with it:

    Meme saying, "They don't know the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell."

    And it became a popular internet trend:

    Meme saying, "They don't know I have 3 thousand followers on Reddit."

    Now, 11 years later, the meme is going viral once again because the relatability is 100% still there.

    @catnipbreath / Twitter: @catnipbreath

    The text is being tweaked to represent life in 2020:

    Best feature check #theydontknow

    @ayee_its_eva / Twitter: @ayee_its_eva

    And it's spot on:

    @jazzrockmc / Twitter: @jazzrockmc

    Some people are exposing themselves in the most hilarious ways:

    @KayHaunani / Twitter: @KayHaunani

    And others are just showing their personal ~preferences~:

    @jazzrockmc I made one also...

    @zriddles / Twitter: @zriddles

    The new memes are so clever and so relatable:

    @lilsasquatch66 / Twitter: @lilsasquatch66

    Some are even a bit dark:

    @lilgrapefruits / Twitter: @lilgrapefruits

    They are simply a joy to read:

    My moms my biggest fan too #theydontknow

    @this_is_oat / Twitter: @this_is_oath

    In summary, people love them:

    @urmomlolroasted / Twitter: @urmomlolroasted

    You can search the #theydontknow hashtag on Twitter to find more! Tell us which "They Don't Know" meme is your favorite in the comments!