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Here Are The Best Ted Cruz Memes After Texans Were Told To Not Use Their AC During This Extreme Heat Wave

Texans are being recommended to set the thermostat to 82 degrees while they're sleeping.

Back in February, while Texas was experiencing a cold front so severe it was deemed one of the worst natural disasters in the state's history, Ted Cruz decided to take a beach vacation to Cancun, Mexico.

It appears in the middle of the worst energy crisis in the history of Texas, @tedcruz is on his way to Cancun with his family.

Twitter: @SawyerHackett

In response, Twitter users trolled him with photos of their frozen homes.

Hey @tedcruz I hope you are enjoying Cancun. Meanwhile at my house we are melting snow to use as toilet water because our town’s water system is down. But at least our power is working again after 31 hours off. Enjoy your vacation. It’s clear you don’t care. #ResignTedCruz

Twitter: @HeissofTexas

Well now, Texas is experiencing a heatwave. Here's the forecast for this week for reference:

High 90s is the forecast for Texas

And the ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) has asked residents to conserve energy by not using their AC. If they do, here are their thermostat recommendations:

ERCOT....is it crack?!? Cause who in the hell u think is doing this

Twitter: @MiiSS_JAZZY_B

So, of course, Twitter jumped at another opportunity to troll the Texas senator.

Breaking News! Ted Cruz seen flying to Alaska amid power outages in Texas due to heat. Blames his wife and kids wanting to see snow in June!

Drew Angerer / Getty Images / Twitter: @DeathMetalV

People are just waiting for Ted to go on a vacay to cool off during this heat crisis.

Twitter: @Bobbyisthatyou

And they are fully expecting him to hit the slopes to escape the hot temperatures.

#ERCOT warning Texans they may lose power due to heat. Texas: "Anybody seen Ted Cruz?"

Twitter: @Matthew_N_Day

The memes just keep rolling in.

Ted Cruz flees for Alaska as the Texas power grid collapses🤣🤣🤣

Twitter: @Sundae_Gurl

Each one is funnier than the last.

don't worry texas, california will be there soon

Twitter: @hasanthehun

Now we wait to see if Ted really does skedaddle off to a cooler place to escape the brutal Texas heat just because he can.

@hasanthehun Ted Cruz explaining to Texas why he just had to leave during power outages

Twitter: @Chonsly_