Sorry To Break It To You Husbands, But Wives Do Some Pretty Fucked Up Things Behind Your Backs

    Just don't say we told you.

    1. We've definitely compared ourselves to your ex.

    2. We've also secretly kept up with what our ex is up to via social media.

    3. We've totally bought something and hidden it from you.

    4. We've pretended to like a horrible gift you got us because, marriage.

    5. We've definitely faked a headache or cramps to get out of sex.

    6. And while we're on the subject, we've definitely faked "it" on occasion, too.

    7. We've pretended to like that friend, family member, or co-worker of yours that we can't fucking stand.

    8. And from time to time, we've used your razor to shave our legs.

    9. We've told you we were having a "girls' night in" when in reality it was a "girls' night out."

    10. And we've come home drunk as hell once or twice and told you we only had a drink or two.

    11. We've bought snacks and hidden them from you.

    12. We've asked for your opinion between two outfits even though we already picked the one we want in our head.

    13. We've taken casual glances at your texts, emails, or social media accounts and maybe made a few adjustments.

    14. We've definitely said nothing is wrong when we are clearly pissed.

    15. And we've thrown away an ugly AF piece of your clothing because we just couldn't take it anymore.

    16. We've totally had to dumb things down for you sometimes.

    17. We've broke, lost, or damaged something of yours and blamed it on someone or something else.

    18. And sorry – we've bitched about you behind your back to our besties...

    19. ...but we've totally gushed about you more.