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Sorry To Break It To You Husbands, But Wives Do Some Pretty Fucked Up Things Behind Your Backs

Just don't say we told you.

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1. We've definitely compared ourselves to your ex.

On a good day, we know we were the superior choice. But on a bad day, well, just because we're married doesn't mean we still don't get insecure sometimes.

2. We've also secretly kept up with what our ex is up to via social media.


It's not like we EVER want to get back with them, it's just sheer curiosity. And we like to validate our choices.

3. We've totally bought something and hidden it from you.


Whether we had to hide the receipts, the shopping bags, or the actual item, we did whatever it took to make sure you didn't suspect a thing.

12. We've asked for your opinion between two outfits even though we already picked the one we want in our head.

Warner Bros.

Really, we are just looking for validation. And, honestly, sometimes your opinion is wrong.

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