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Moms, Share A Photo Of Your Body After You Gave Birth So We Can Celebrate You

Let's honor the fact that you grew a whole human being!

We recently celebrated some celebrity moms who have lovingly embraced their post-birth look:

Postpartum photo of Katy Perry.

And, in the past, we've also celebrated some of our readers' beautiful postpartum bodies:

Photo of mom after birth.

So, we want to keep showing the world that stretch marks, loose skin, and other bodily changes after birth are still 100% normal and still 100% lovely!

So, show us yours! Maybe you have come to love that dark line called the linea nigra on your stomach post-birth:

Or maybe you had a C-section and your scar is a reminder of all the amazing things your body can do:

Photo of mom with C-section scar.

We want to honor those moms who housed babies in their bodies and came out stronger on the other side! Simply upload a photo of yourself after you gave birth, and you may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post. Along with your photo, you can share what emotions you were going through or what helped you embrace your postpartum body.

Thanks to all the moms out there for helping us feel worthy, loved, and united!