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    It Pains Me To Say That Sometimes Your "Special Day" Will Be Unfortunate — Just Ask These 14 People

    You can't win 'em all.

    1. This bride whose mother-in-law ended up wearing a wedding dress to her wedding:

    My mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to my wedding. So, yeah, top that one, Twitter. #weddingfail @jimmyfallon

    2. And this groom who made this very uncertain face watching his bride walk down the aisle:

    @jimmyfallon I thought I was making a calm, composed face as my wife came down the aisle. I found out this was the face I made. #WeddingFail

    3. This kid whose birthday party had to be canceled:

    4. This graduate who gained a diploma but lost some dignity:

    Epic FAIL during graduation... LOL -

    5. And this graduate who was supposed to get a cake with a "cap on her head," but the decorator thought she wanted a "cat on her head":

    6. These prom-goers who overestimated the amount of weight this bridge could hold:

    7. This person who had to decide if they could get past this misspelled marriage proposal:

    8. This mom-to-be who broke her husband's nose while she was in labor with their twins:

    9. And this bride-to-be who ended up in the hospital during her bachelorette party:

    10. This groom who arrived pant-less at the altar on his wedding day:

    My friend got married on the beach and wanted to zip line to the altar. He didn’t test before and it turned out he was too heavy for the line. He was dragged through rocks and sand for the last 10 seconds. Ripped the pants off of his tux. #WeddingFail

    11. This kid who was late, so she had to get on the bus with no shoes on her first day of school:

    12. This man who tried to propose to his girlfriend 148 times before she even noticed:

    Man proposes to girlfriend in 148 selfies before she notices

    13. This groom who got made fun of by his own bride during his wedding:

    When my brother got married his wife laughed uncontrollably throughout the ceremony because she had just found out that he was wearing Spanx under his tux. #WeddingFail

    14. And this graduate who may have gotten a black eye on graduation:

    UT had to serve me one last L before I left.