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    Here Are 16 Super Weird Things People Regularly Do And It's Truly Bizarre

    "My husband and I meow songs together."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the strangest habits they or their family members have. AND WE LOVE THEM...BUT THEY ARE WEEEEIIIIRRRDDD.

    1. "If my boyfriend's sister loses her friend or fiancé somewhere, she makes the sound of a parrot and they have to do it back. It's like Marco Polo, but with bird noises."

    2. "My oldest brother always takes his guitar in the bathroom with him, just in case he has to poop. When he does, you’ll hear faint strumming all the way in the living room."

    3. "I put rolled-up paper towels between my big toes and baby toes when I sleep because I don't like how they feel when they touch each other."

    4. "My aunt wears rubber gloves — like a surgeon — every time she eats chicken wings. I see where she’s coming from with not wanting to get all sticky, but there's...napkins."

    5. "My 18-year-old brother has to take off all his clothes and place them outside the bathroom before he uses it. He's done this since we were little. And he can’t use the bathroom if anyone is on the same floor in the house as him."

    6. "My late grandfather used to flick his nipple for good luck when playing card games."

    7. "My little sister plucks her eyebrows and leaves the hairs on the wall! Not on the counter or in the sink. ON THE WALL."

    8. "I have a family member who has a 'bathroom water bottle' that they drink out of when they’re constipated because they swear it helps!"

    9. "My husband and I meow songs together."

    10. "When my younger sister goes to the bathroom downstairs, she refuses to flush or wipe because she’s scared a demon is going to eat her."

    11. "I bite my fingernails and, after I bite them, I smell them...then start biting them again."

    12. "My husband flosses his teeth in the shower and leaves the floss picks in the corner. He lets them accumulate into a mound. I refuse to clean them up."

    13. "My father-in-law refuses to peel the stickers off of anything expensive he buys. For example, his television still has all of the stickers on the edges of the screen."

    14. "My grandpa purposely mispronounces certain words, usually by adding a syllable and/or emphasizing the wrong part of the word. For example, garage is said 'ga-ra-GEE' and garbage is said 'ga-BAR-bage.' It’s funny for a bit when visiting, but I can’t imagine what my grandma thinks."

    15. "My family has a rule that you can't skip a Led Zeppelin song if one comes on the radio. My sister thought it was a national law for years."

    16. And "My dad and my sister both forcefully say the word 'burp' as they are burping."

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