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What Weird Habit Does Your Family Member Have?

These should be interesting...

Family: You gotta love 'em, weird quirks and all.

And sometimes you can't help but notice that they have some pretty strange habits.

Like maybe your brother bites his biceps after every arm workout.

Weird habit: I bite my arms (biceps area) after doing an arms workout. WHY DO I FUCKIN' DO THIS?!

Or maybe your sister sits in the car doing nothing for an hour after she gets home.

I have a weird habit of staying in the car for a long time after I get home

Perhaps your mom eats the same thing for breakfast every morning and takes a picture of it every single day.

Or perhaps your cousin takes selfies every time he takes a poo.

why do i have this weird habit of taking a selfie while pooping

So tell us their weird habits that make you laugh — and we welcome pictures if you have them! Share them via the Dropbox below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!