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    These 16 People Should Teach Classes On How To Be Next-Level Frugal


    1. The mom who stores her wrapping paper in these taped together diaper boxes:

    2. This person who cuts their face wash container open to make sure not even a trace of the product is left inside:

    3. This person who can't stand to lose even a pinch of protein powder:

    4. This mom who cuts all her family's jeans instead of buying shorts:

    5. This person who brings their own popcorn to movies:

    6. And this person who brings their own plastic cup so they don't have to buy bottled water:

    7. This person who uses the last bit of candle wax that didn't get burned to make mini candles:

    Homemade Yankee candle tartlets ✨💫 #yankeecandle #dontwasteadrop

    8. This mom who figured out a way to get out of paying for Easter photos:

    9. And this mom who saves her kid's Halloween candy to use for Easter:

    10. This person who crams herself in the trunk to save a few extra bucks:

    When they charge per person, we put @emilydsears22 in the trunk to save seven dollars #cheapandproud

    11. This person who cuts the toothpaste tube open so not a cent gets wasted:

    12. This person who uses a spatula to get every bit of Nutella out of the jar:

    13. And this person who uses a mini spatula to get every bit of foundation out of the bottle:

    14. This person who soaks her empty essential oil bottles overnight then diffuses the scent it creates:

    15. This person who carves open the can of their coconut water to make sure every drop goes in their belly:

    16. And this person who air-tightly sucks all the wine from a boxed package:

    Cheers to getting your money's worth, people!

    Led Zeppelin: And she's buying a stairway to Heaven...when sh- My wife: HOLD ON I HAVE A COUPON