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I Tried Carrie Underwood's Leg Workout And My Thighs Will Never Be The Same

Just call me "Legs."

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Hi, I'm Krista and I enjoy a good run, but that's about the extent of my "leg routine" these days.

Torres / Via BuzzFeed

The treadmill is my happy place, and it's basically the only machine I use (if I go to the gym). I try to stay fairly healthy by running a few times a week, but I'm no Carrie Underwood.

After seeing Carrie Underwood's legs at the ACM Awards, I got to thinking. Carrie must have one kickass leg workout to get those things looking like this:

Yes, guys, she's an amazing singer. I'm not trying to belittle her singing abilities by focusing on her legs — I am just trying to give a fellow female some props for working hard AF on those legs!

Naturally, I did a bit of Instagram stalking and I quickly realized her routine is more attainable than I thought.

Instagram: @carrieunderwood

I didn't need fancy gym equipment or even weights.

I even thought to myself, “Hell, I’m a mom and I need to utilize my son like she does!” So, I tried it out at home:

Facebook: video.php

I must say, I feel like I got a better workout than Carrie did in her video when she squats while holding her son because my son is 8 years old and weighs over 50 pounds. #WINNING


After that first bit, I was tired. I'll admit. But I knew she had to do I found a YouTube video featuring her personal trainer, Erin Oprea, and decided to try her suggestions.

Exercise One:

Torres / Via BuzzFeed

Directions: Get in a squat stance. Then, push one leg back, squat lower, pull it forward and squat lower again. Repeat for the other leg. I did 10 reps on each leg, three times.

Focus Area: Upper thighs

Exercise Two:

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Directions: Squat with one leg back behind you, then lift that leg straight in the air and back down — up and down. Repeat this for the other leg. Again, I did 10 reps on each leg, three times.

Focus Area: Back of legs

Exercise Three:

Torres / Via BuzzFeed

Directions: Fucking squat again. (Sorry for cursing, I was really just tired of squatting at this point and even typing it makes me cringe.) Kick one leg out to the side and alternate sides, staying in the "squat" position the entire time. Again, I did 10 reps per leg, three times. Someone give me a medal or something.

Focus Area: Inner thighs

Carrie also shared this video that I tried below:

View this video on YouTube

Again, I did three sets of 10 reps for each exercise. At this point, I'm just trying to focus on the fact that I promised myself pizza rolls if I finished.

P.S. The one where you lie on you back is REALLY FREAKING HARD.

Final Thoughts: Worth it.

Torres / Via BuzzFeed

I was SWEATY. I was TIRED, but I felt like my legs were WARRIORS.

My favorite thing about all of these leg workouts is that you don’t have to get out and go to the gym. The aftermath was hell – my ab muscles ached and my leg muscles were extremely sore the next day. But, it also made me feel like I actually worked out different parts of my body for once. I'll probably keep doing them, but if my legs don't look like Carrie's after a month, I'm out! Ha, j/k... kinda.