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This Woman Experienced A Glitch In The Matrix Cutting A Lemon At Work, And The Security Camera Footage Is Making People Believe We Are Living In A Simulation

"This has never happened to me and I don't know how to act — I'm freaking out."

We've shared some of the wildest, most unexplainable "glitch in the matrix" moments that have left people truly stunned beyond belief, but today we may have come across one that takes the cake because it was ALL caught on camera...

The incident happened to a woman named Jade Gonzalez. She told BuzzFeed it took place two weeks ago while she was working at her mom's Mexican grill called Asadero el Fogón.

Woman with long hair smiling

She shared her story on TikTok, where it has nearly 3 million views. She starts the video by saying, "So the craziest shit happened earlier...there was a glitch...a glitch in the system. I'm going to show you guys the video, OK?"

Woman covering mouth with text "Glitch?!"

Then she explains in the video, "In this video, you can see me grabbing a lemon, right? I cut it in half and then I cut it in half once more, right? You can SEE me cut it."

She continues: "I go get a bag, OK. I go back for the lemon and I grab the lemon and I touch it, and I'm like, 'Why is it not cut in half?' In my face, I'm like, 'What the fuck?' So I'm inspecting it. I take it out of the bag."

Jade then says, "I grab this lemon...I recut the lemon because the lemon wasn't cut anymore."

Jade cutting lemon

She adds, "I am freaking out because the lemon was not cut in half anymore. It was literally intact. And you can see me in the video cut the lemon in half. There was a glitch. This has never happened to me and I don't know how to act. I'm freaking out."

Jade with "Glitch?!" text

People in the comments were spooked — some even think they saw the lemon put itself back together!

"I literally saw the lemon put itself back together" and "lemons have a really fast healing factor due to its acidic nature"

And because people are skeptics, Jade made a second video addressing claims that this was a setup somehow. "On my last video I posted, you had comments, questions, concerns — all types of shit," she said in her follow-up video.

Close-up of Jade

"The one that I keep seeing is that I didn't cut the lemon all the way through. I DID cut the lemon all the way through. The knife is really sharp, so it goes through pretty fast. I can show you guys. This is straight from my security cams," she said as she pulled up footage of her mimicking the original scenario.

Jade at counter holding a lemon

"This is me right now. I am going to show you how I cut it. See, I cut it in half. Y'all saying it didn't go all the way through. It's going to look the exact same, look...BOOM, I separate it. And I know y'all are going to be like, 'The first time you cut it, it was super fast, so you probably cut on the side' or, sis. Right there in the first video, I was in a routine. I was moving quick," she said, explaining that in the second video, she cut slower to show how she did it.

Jade at counter cutting lemon

"I don't care if you believe me or not. I did not do it just wanting clout, like, really? No. I don't care. It was just something that happened to me. I thought it was crazy and wanted to share it."

Close-up of Jade looking up

Let's look at the whole thing AGAIN, if you're STILL convinced this is some sort of trickery. In the video, Jade grabs the lemon and cuts it in half once:

Jade at the counter cutting lemon in half

Then she cuts it in half once more:

Jade at the counter cutting lemon again

She leaves to go get a bag to put the lemon in, but now the second part of the lemon that was cut in half is back together again:

Halved lemon circled

After she puts it in the bag, she realizes it's not cut.

Question mark as Jade looks at the lemon

"When I touched and tried to pull apart the lemon in the bag, I was so shook that I couldn’t pull it apart. You can see it in my face in the video. I thought I was tripping out or something," she told BuzzFeed.

Close-up of halved lemon and shocked emoji

Then Jade removes the lemon from the bag and slices the second part of the lemon in half again.

Jade cutting lemon again with "wtf" caption

It is perplexing, to say the least. Again, you can watch the full video HERE.

Jade said her aunt is the one who suggested she go back and watch the security tapes, just to be sure. "When I saw that I actually DID, in fact, cut the lemon in half the first time, I literally freaked out and started shouting, 'See, I knew I cut it; I knew it!'"

Jade with halved lemon on counter

Nothing out of the ordinary has happened to Jade since this instance, but she does feel that it was a glitch because she has no logical explanation for how it happened.