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We Need To Address The Hypocrisy Surrounding The Super Bowl Halftime Show

"Stop clutching your pearls Karen, pole dancing is a feat of strength."

In case you live on a planet other than earth, JLo and Shakira performed at the halftime show this past Sunday.


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I was glued to the screen as I watched from my couch – cheese dip in hand. Drool forming.

IMO, they deserve praise for the training and dedication that went into executing such a seamless performance.

me at the gym tmm after watching 50 year old Jenny from the Block & 43 year old Shakira look hotter than I ever will in my entire life

And for representing so many cultures (see what I mean here), as well as sending an empowering message to young women.

However, even after such an amazing performance by the two, there were some people who had...erm...opinions:

Super Bowl Half time show was terrible! I don't want to see sexual dancing, and a almost naked performer at a family oriented Super Bowl halftime show. I am very disappointed.

And thus arguments ensued on social media:

An offensive and politically charged Super Bowl half time porn show to families watching with children. Good looking women for sure but an offensive performance in America’s biggest sports event. Pathetic.

One Twitter user replied to the above tweet, saying, "Half porn? With all due respect, the only reason most (white) Americans are reacting like they have never seen this before, is because they are Latinas... And the truth is, that your own pro cheerleaders show more crotch than JLo did and on a daily basis."

As a mom (and a woman) who supports all fellow moms (and women), it was upsetting to say the least.

Stop clutching your pearls Karen, pole dancing is a feat of strength. Image from Cirque du Soleil. #HalftimeShow2020

When people can’t just let two talent women celebrate their culture during an amazing #HalftimeShow2020:

Then I found this post which points out the hypocrisy of the whole thing:

Facebook: amandaspets

Adam Levine is a dad. Adam Levine danced sexy and shirtless last year and was praised for it.

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It's a horrifying reality and a double standard.

Why are people so pressed about the halftime show? Adam Levine was shirtless throughout his whole performance last year and no one batted an eye. You have two beautiful confident latinas shake their butt for half a second and pearls are clutched. 😂

It's 2020 and it's time we showed support for women and mothers.

If you said nothing about Adam Levine being shirtless in the 2019 halftime show, you are a hypocrite for shaming women in 2020 If you didn’t shut down those objectifying Adam (or joined in)last year, you are a hypocrite for arguing that women are choosing to objectify themselves

So, can we all just realize this is the only message we can TRULY be upset about when it comes to their performance?

The Superbowl halftime show did give a bad message to kids, and that message is normal people in their late forties have that much energy.

Congrats to two badass mommas for an incredible performance!