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    These 16 Creepy Kids Actually Had No Intention Of Being Creepy At All

    I see you, mommy.

    1. This little kid who helped decorate for his sissy's party by putting a red balloon in the sewer:

    Maybe letting my son help decorate for his sister's party was a bad idea. #YoullFloatToo #partyfail #SeeYouInPsychotherapy

    2. This kid who ~innocently~ decapitated their Lego people:

    3. This little girl who wanted the horror movie The Nun as her birthday party theme:

    So it was my cousins 3rd birthday and instead of having a normal theme she chose this

    4. This kid who used a doll to hold their window open:

    5. This kid who actually thought Hitler was in Beauty and the Beast.

    6. This kid who ate all the toppings off their pizza bagels and appeared to be summoning someone:

    Parenthood is the best when you find little surprises around the house, like demon summoning rituals made from pizza bagel bones after your daughter has stripped them of their cheesy saucy flesh. There's a #creepykid for you, @SpiritsPodcast ❤

    7. And this kid who created a graveyard with their food:

    8. This kid who made this not-so-creepy...OK really creepy drawing for their mom:

    9. This kid who took much joy in covering their mother's entire head with duct tape:

    10. And this kid who took joy in duct taping their Barbies to a chair:

    11. This little girl who cooked her pretend people on the stove:

    12. This kid who apparently has a very disturbing perspective of their father:

    Today: Exterior - Niagara On The Lake - Rain Halloween afternoon, post-school pickup. Me: “Wow that’s a pretty scary pumpkin you painted.” 5 year old daughter: “I was thinking of you, Daddy.” #HappyHalloween2018 🎃 #shouldibeworried

    13. This kid who created their own prison for "naughty" kids:

    14. And this kid who was obviously punishing their doll:

    This is what I found in my sisters room..... #ShouldIBeWorried

    15. This kid who enjoys playing with skeletons in their spare time:

    Came home to this anatomy lesson today. Done by 4 yr old. #ShouldIBeWorried #SurgFamily #FFS #HappyHalloween

    16. And this kid who gave their mom this fortune: