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    I Ate Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez's "Affordable Meals" And Here Are What They Tasted Like

    Just throw the ingredients in a pressure cooker and boom. Meal complete.

    It's pretty clear that J.Lo and A.Rod are one of Hollywood's hottest power couples right now. (And also, blended family goals.)

    The two recently released a line of affordable meals for busy families in a partnership with Tiller & Hatch. The dishes are said to be "restaurant quality" and were created by Bruce Hecker of Bruce’s Catering, who is known for serving the entertainment industry.

    Although they are frozen, Rodriguez told US that the meals are nutritious. “We are committed, like Tiller & Hatch, to doing good. This partnership offers us the opportunity to provide affordable and nutritious meals to families across America while making significant charitable contributions to shelters and food-based charities across the country.”

    Now, I'm a working mom and a terrible cook – the Taco Bell sack is not pictured in our picnic photo below – so I loved the idea of this because, basically, it meant I didn't have to cook!

    Chicken Tortilla Stew

    Sante Fe Inspired Pasta

    Coconut Curry Stew

    Louisiana Stew


    All in all, the meals are pretty good, especially when you factor in the minimal amount of effort you need to make them – plus, they donate to organizations in need. I will say that, because a lot of these meals have more ~mature~ flavors, I'm not sure they would be ideal for families with picky eaters.

    All Tiller & Hatch meals are available for purchase at Walmart.

    All meals were sent to BuzzFeed for free, but we were not obligated to write about them.