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    Updated on Mar 5, 2020. Posted on Feb 25, 2020

    19 Kids, Oops I Mean Husbands, Who Have A Lot Of Growing Up To Do

    Some of them may even have gotten a timeout.

    1. The husband who couldn't resist buying this giant Ninja Turtle in the toy section:

    2. The husband who gets Disney containers from his wife whenever she packs his lunch:

    3. This husband who takes any chance he can to make inappropriate jokes:

    4. And this husband who purposely picks out suggestive vegetables:

    5. The husband who thinks his shorts are just going to place themselves in the washer:

    6. The husband who puts the silverware away like this:

    7. This husband who still asks for Nerf guns for Christmas:

    8. This husband who has more fun with Legos than his child does:

    9. This husband who can't find paper towels sitting right in front of him:

    Today Dallas said he had to use a napkin to clean up after Huck because he couldn't find the paper towels... #husbandfail

    10. This husband who aggressively rips packages open like — you guessed it — a child:

    Proof that men don’t read instructions. #marriage #sorryhubs @Glade

    11. This husband who eats Hot Pockets sandwiches:

    12. This husband who still has problems pouring things:

    13. This husband who lets everyone know his wife's personal business without realizing it:

    14. This husband who can't open the jelly without getting peanut butter all over it:

    15. And this husband who can't make a waffle without getting the batter all over the counter:

    16. This husband who gets his wife ~sexy~ panties for vacation:

    17. This husband who only eats the middle pieces of a cake:

    18. This husband who can't take the trash out without spilling half of it on the way:

    19. And lastly, this husband who always has to ride on the carts in the store:

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