Women Are Sending Their Male Partners To Get Feminine Products That Don't Exist, And It's Comedy Gold

    "Babe, grab me a rechargeable tampon from the store."

    A trend has been circling around TikTok for a few months now, and it is still gaining viral attention. In the trend, a woman sends her male partner into a store to get a completely made-up feminine product. When the guy comes back empty-handed, the woman films his reaction. Needless to say, it's pretty darn funny:

    TikTok user @liv.and.emanol sent her boyfriend into the store to find the nonexistent "Rechargeable Tampon 300." When he asked a store clerk where he could find it, he got laughed at and realized it was a prank.

    Although it is unclear who initially started the trend, one of the earliest videos I could find was from user @aaronxpia:

    The woman sent her partner to get something called a "Super Jumbo Tampon with Wings." The store clerk had to call over two other people, who had no idea what he was talking about. The guy was a sweetheart though and got her Starbucks instead.

    TikTok user @kyleandjade_ made her man ask for a very specific feminine product that sounds like it would be super cool...if it existed:

    He asked a female employee if they sold the "Coochie Oochie 3000" and the lady laughed at him, but she was also sweet enough to double-check just in case.

    @meetthethorpes tricked her partner into asking for something called the "Magic Fwen Fwen Fresh 2000":

    Her man felt really dumb after he realized what he had fallen for.

    This video by @anxietycouple features the fake feminine product "Tampon Rash Cream":

    The guy had three female employees trying to explain to him that a tampon rash isn't a thing, and he was trying to reason with how it might be — but he just ended up being embarrassed.

    @lianajadee's boyfriend was so convincing about what he was asking for that an employee suggested he try looking at a sex store:


    I sent my boyfriend in to get feminine products that don’t exist // too funny // @connor

    ♬ original sound - Liana

    It was never said what he was sent in to get, but I imagine it was something that sounded...battery operated? LOL.

    TikTok user @brookeashleyhall's partner came back with a snack for her, but no "Rejuvacooch 3000":


    Like and Follow for more pranks on my husband @iammarcohall 😂❤️ #WildAnimals#selenanetflix#couplecomedy#prankwars

    ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod

    And yes, he even asked the manager.

    User @suexrose had to FaceTime her man because he just couldn't find the "Cooch Stop Deluxe":


    TREND: Sent my husband to grab a feminine product that doesn’t exist 😂 Watch til the end! #couplegoals #marriedlife #fyp #MyHaul #WinterFit

    ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod

    He even asked two employees, who also couldn't find the fake product. On his way back to the car, he realized he was being pranked.

    And, lastly, user @amanialzubi stressed out her boyfriend to the max as he was endlessly searching for the nonexistent "Oochie Coochie Bedazzle 350":


    I sent my boyfriend to get a feminine product that doesn't exist 🤣😳❤️( @originalisrael ) #comedy #couple #couplegoals #trend #foryou #tiktok

    ♬ original sound - amani

    After the employees laughed at him, they asked, "Does your girlfriend have TikTok?" It was then that he realized he'd been duped.

    I hope you got a good laugh out of these...and, tbh, some of these sound like things I would 100% buy! 😂

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