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    DJ Khaled Fucking Snapchatted The Birth Of His Son While Playing His Own Music

    Yes, this fucking happened.

    Remember back in June, when DJ Khaled told Jimmy Kimmel he wanted to Snapchat his son's entire birth? Well, on Saturday Khaled's son was finally born and the musician CAME THROUGH, complete with music from his new album, Major Key, playing in the background.

    Live look at DJ Khaled's snapchat...

    Rob Lopez / Via Twitter: @R0BaTO


    Update part 2. Khaled still playing #MajorKey as his son is being born.

    Rob Lopez / Via Twitter: @R0BaTO

    Khaled posted Instagram pictures and Snapchats the whole time his fiancée was in labor, even Snapchatting this video right after the actual birth.

    Congratulations to @djkhaled on the birth of his son! #MajorKey

    Def Pen / Via Twitter: @defpen

    And the moments shared on Instagram were presh, TBH.

    Twitter started blowing up with people who couldn't believe Khaled actually shared all the details.

    So, think what you want about the videos, but all we know is DJ Khaled's son got to enter the world listening to some dope-ass music and that's pretty fucking awesome.