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    Working Moms Will Appreciate This Message From Carrie Underwood

    "Mom was still mom, but she did what she loved as well."

    Being a mom is hard. But, it can be especially hard for moms who feel guilty for not being able to be with their kids as much because they work. (I, personally, I face it a lot.)

    When your daughter asks Santa for her reporter mom to “stay home more” #WorkingMomGuilt

    And being a working mom is a constant reminder that each moment you have with your kids is special.

    The absolute giddyness you feel when you decide to surprise your kiddos at school pick up because you have been traveling like a crazy lady and you both miss them terribly and have tremendous #workingmomguilt.

    Well, BuzzFeed recently sat down with country singer Carrie Underwood. She has two boys – Isaiah (4) and Jacob (10 months) – with husband hockey player Mike Fisher.

    Not only is Carrie a super busy, Grammy award-winning singer, but she also owns her own athletic clothing line: Calia by Carrie. So, to say Carrie is a working mom is an understatement!

    Carrie actually took Jacob on tour earlier this year, shortly after he was born. "He's was about three months old when we went on the road, and, we juggled and managed. It was really hard, but it was good," Carrie told BuzzFeed.

    And Carrie said that all mothers universally understand each other. "I feel like we all have our own challenges and struggles, it's just different for each person. But we are all stretched. Right? We are all stressed out and always trying to make the best of everything."

    Carrie also talked about how she views life as a working mom. "I feel like Isaiah and Jacob are going to grow up and hopefully be like, 'Man, mom was still mom, but she did what she loved as well.' I feel like that's the best way to set an example for them."

    "As working moms, we have to do the best we can, and cut ourselves some slack," Carrie added.

    So, moms, if you needed to hear that today, I hope it was a good reminder!