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    Cardi B's High School Performance Of "Bad Romance" By Lady Gaga Is Purely Amazing

    Gaga approved.

    This is Cardi B and this is Lady Gaga. Both amazing musicians. Both iconic.

    Well, Cardi B has been a long-time fan of Lady Gaga. She’s been such a fan for so long, in fact, that she performed Gaga’s “Bad Romance” back when she was in high school. Check it out:

    Cardi B performaing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance in hs 😮

    In the video, Cardi B shows off her moves – and her voice.

    And let's just say it's pretty damn good.

    So, when Gaga saw it, she was LIVING FOR IT.

    I LIVE @iamcardib 🙌❤️🔥

    Cardi B seeing Gaga's tweet all like:

    iamcardib / Via

    And actually, right after Gaga reposted the video, she showed her love for Cardi B's "Get Up 10" song.

    There you have it. Complete with the Gaga seal of approval.