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Are You A Controlling Parent?

Take this quiz to find out.

  1. You are at the park and your kid trips and falls, then gets up right away without crying. Do you:

    Similac / YouTube
  2. Your kid really, really wants to be in art class, but the class interferes with an extracurricular activity you KNOW WOULD BE GREAT FOR THEM. Do you:

  3. Your 10-year-old wants to go to a week-long summer camp. Do you:

  4. You're at the zoo, and your kid is begging you to go to the petting area. Do you:

  5. Your kid is having a couple friends over and they are playing in your backyard. Do you:

  6. Your 9-year-old gets invited to a kids-only pool party for a classmate's birthday. Do you:

  7. You’ve just got your kid their first cell phone. Do you:


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