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    21 Names That Confuse The Shit Out Of People

    We feel your pain, Lindsey, Brittany, Kristen, Derek, Shawn....

    1. If a name starts with Chris (or Kris), it's got confusion written all over it.


    Kristen with a "K" or a "C?" With an "I" or an "E?" This includes other names like Kristy, Kristin, Chrissy, Christina, Christi... Do I need to go on?

    2. Any name with AIDEN is doomed for misspellings.

    Twitter: @officialjaden

    Sorry about that, Jaden. Let's also give a shout out to Kayden, Braiden, and Aedyn, too.

    3. Then there's the name Caitlyn...or Kaityln.

    Vanity Fair

    Along with that comes Katie, Cate, Kait — you get it.

    4. Britney is another name that can be spelled a dozen different ways.


    Brittany, Brittney, Brittni... The list goes on.

    5. We also have Erin vs. Aaron.


    Both are legit, both will probably get spelled wrong.

    6. You would think it is just spelled A-S-H-L-E-Y.


    But, you might be wrong. It is also spelled: A-S-H-L-E-E or A-S-H-L-E-I-G-H.

    7. You may also see Sean and Shawn.


    It's a toss-up for people to guess which way to spell it.

    8. Let's cross our fingers and hope it's spelled Lindsay.


    But you're probably wrong. It's spelled Lindsey. Or Lyndsi.

    9. Derek is a common name with multiple spellings.


    Deric, Derik, Derrick. Spell at your own risk.

    10. Then we have Hailey.


    Or does it, Hailie? Oops, I mean Hayley? Who knows.

    11. Ah, Steven vs. Stephen.


    You have a 50/50 shot at spelling this one right.

    12. Is Brian spelled correctly with an "I" or a "Y?"


    You may never know.

    13. Then we have the long list of Kathys.


    Or Cathys, rather. By the way, is that short for Catherine or Katherine?

    14. And we can't forget Kelly.

    Pick a vowel to end with, any vowel.

    15. Hello, John with an "H."


    Oh, wait, it's spelled Jonathan. Never mind.

    16. Stacy also makes the list.


    Stacey, Staci, and Stacie did as well.

    17. Jamie is right up there with the rest of 'em.


    Variations include: Jaime, Jayme, Jamiee, or Jamie. And, a few I probably missed.

    18. Nice to meet you. Are you Erica with a "C?"

    Nope, Erika with a "K." And it's spelled Erykah.

    19. Kacey will always be confusing.

    Casey or Kasey will as well. And people might also confuse you with Cassie.

    20. Although most of the time it is short for Nicole, Nikki is sometimes spelled with a K.


    Or a C. And it can end with a Y or an I. IDK.

    21. ZAC. May the odds be ever in your favor.


    And in Zackary's, Zachary's, and Zak's.

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