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    These Pooping In Public Tweets Are Equal Parts Awkward, Funny, And Real

    "I sure do drink a lot of coffee for someone who gets anxiety over pooping in public."

    1. When you're scared of people recognizing your shoes during a public poop:

    I once knew a person who didn’t want people to know he was pooping so he brought “poop shoes” to work so he could’nt be ID’d

    2. When you dread pooping in public but look forward to doing it at home:

    Pooping in public vs. pooping at home

    3. When you hate that your food choices impact your bowels:

    When you hate pooping in public restrooms but them tacos from earlier ain't givin you no options

    4. When some evil person invades your pooping space:

    When someone comes into the bathroom AND takes the stall next to me when I’m pooping

    5. When your love for coffee overpowers your fear of pooping in public:

    I sure do drink a lot of coffee for someone who gets anxiety over pooping in public

    6. When you try to be a ninja during a poop because you don't want to sit on a dirty toilet seat:

    7. And when you haven't mastered the art of squatting over the toilet, so you attempt to cover the seats:

    I think I speak on behalf of majority of the male population when I say I hate pooping in public restrooms

    8. When you take extra measures to ensure no one knows you were the stinky bathroom pooper:

    I don’t like pooping in public but when I do you’ll never know .

    9. When you know that you need to teach the youth that it is OK to poop in public to prevent accidents:

    ALSO like any other human being my brother has anxiety pooping in public but today he pooped for the first time in school so I got him a congrats card and my mom got him a cake.... she went to carvel and made someone write that 😂

    10. When you don't want anyone else in the bathroom to know you're about to lay a bomb, so you uncomfortably hold it:

    The person that was just pooping next to me tried so hard to hold it in I could hear them heavy breathing 😅

    11. When you take your phone with you into the stall, but also can't miss a call from granny:

    "One day, grandmothers will spend lunch facetiming their grandsons, who are pooping in public restrooms" -Steve Jobs

    12. And when you take your phone into the stall and accidentally forget to mute a video:

    When your phone unexpectedly plays sounds while pooping in public

    13. When you go as far as training your body to only poop at certain times to avoid pooping in public:

    i used to be a morning pooper, but since i work every day and hate pooping in public bathrooms, i have successfully reprogrammed my body to poop at night and if that's not an achievement then I've achieved nothing

    14. When you hear someone pooping next to you and know the stench is quickly gonna waft your way:

    When someone starts pooping in the stall next to me

    15. When the auto-flush keeps happening in the middle of your business:

    The automatic toilet at work flushed like 6 times while I was trying to poop...I had to cover the sensor with toilet paper

    16. When you panic at the fact that the gaps between stall doors allow literally everyone to see you:

    I never had anxiety about pooping in public till I sat in this stall...

    17. When you're short and your feet can't even touch the floor during an already scary public poo:

    Normal people: I hate pooping in public bathrooms because they’re so dirty 🤢🤮 Short people:

    18. When someone plays music to try to distract from the plops:

    I take my headphones and play music out loud while pooping with someone in the stall next to me. We’re in this together 🤝

    19. And when you breathe a sigh of relief seeing that the stall has built-in air fresheners:

    I don’t love pooping in public restrooms but the ATL airport is very inviting.

    Poop happens. Accept it!