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Jul 4, 2019

19 Parents Who Probably Contemplated Grounding Their Kids Forever

Good thing a parent's love is unconditional...

1. This daughter who used a photo of herself in front of a plate of tacos as her pic in the senior yearbook:

Twitter: @thegoatmaryna

This is honorable, TBH.

2. This daughter who faked her own death:

i wonder why my parents hate me and then i remember that in highschool i hit someone’s car with a golf cart and was scared of getting in trouble so i pretended to be dead. was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. people were crying. i didn’t have a scratch.

3. This daughter who used mom's credit card to purchase this:

I bought an inflatable suit w my moms card with out telling her and she kinda got mad but it was worth it

4. This son who got nachos all over mom's bed:


5. This daughter who handed down this binder to her sister:

So my little sister is using my old binder from h.s this fall. And she found this in it, my mom is so mad rn Lmfaoooo

6. This kid who doesn't follow mom's "frugal" advice:

My mom got mad that I bought a $65 tree skirt but now she's going to be JEALOUS.

7. This daughter who wanted everyone to know the real her:

My mom got so mad at me for this lol

8. This daughter who always finds a shortcut:

9. This daughter who has X-rated Instagram stories:

10. This daughter who poured a smoothie on her little sissy's head while mom was out:

So I j poured smoothie on Laura's head because she pissed me off and she sent mom this picture:

11. This daughter who made a mini Miley and put it on the family Christmas tree:

My mom was so pissed because she found this on the christmas tree and we all looked at @Carol_EL_Sayah #culprit

12. This son who decided to make the mac 'n' cheese disturbing:

Said "#yolo" right before adding the blue food coloring. Mom was pissed.

13. This son who busted mom's nice glass bowl:

When ur mom asks u to start boiling potatoes for dinner, remember to not put them in a glass bowl bc it will explode and she'll be very mad

14. This son who had the bright idea of sucking soda through his nose and posting it on social media:

pic of me snorting coke moms gonna be so mad when she sees this

15. This son who ordered a snake instead of shoes:

My mom thought my brother was ordering some shoes.. this came in the mail & she's pissed 😂😭

16. This daughter who wrote this on her graduation cap:

my mom got mad at me for writing this on my grad cap

17. This son who spilled pasta all over his messy bedroom:

18. This son who wrecked his car into a wall:

19. And these kids who made mom realize she lives in a house of thieves:

My moms pissed about someone eating her ice cream and said that when she wakes up she better see a text from the person who did it so...

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