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    17 Very True Reasons Why Being Pregnant Is The Definition Of Bravery

    What's worse than a broken heart? Stitches after childbirth.

    Pregnant people are brave. Period. Tell me something more brave than housing a human(s) and letting it grow inside you.

    1. Pregnant people bravely accept the fact that there will be morning sickness.

    I don’t know how any of you ladies work/worked with morning sickness. I’m only a few weeks in and I’m ready to quit. You are BAMFs.

    2. And pregnant people bravely endure extreme exhaustion while still having to perform daily tasks – for nine months.

    Pregnancy tired is a whole other level of exhaustion. I feel like I’m still asleep for the first 3 hours after I wake up, my body aches, and I have a bigger stomach than when I laid down 😂

    3. Pregnant people bravely face wicked body swelling.

    4. Pregnant people bravely endure things being shoved up them, like random fingers or this thing during a transvaginal ultrasound.

    5. Pregnant people bravely withstand excruciating amounts of pain when in labor.

    Facebook Watch

    6. Pregnant people bravely understand that their boobs could leak milk at any moment.

    So I'm 28 weeks pregnant today and my boobs have just started leaking milk. Fantastic.

    7. And pregnant people bravely understand that their boobs may not be the only thing that leaks.

    If anyone wants to know how being pregnant is going.. Today I peed myself

    8. Pregnant people bravely accept the fact that every single part of their body changes in uncomfortable ways.

    9. And pregnant people bravely realize their bodies won't ever be the same after they give birth.

    10. Pregnant people bravely take on ungodly constipation.

    I know this is probably TMI... But I am SOOOOOOO constipated this pregnancy and I really need some recommendations on what I can take to clear myself out 😭 I'll go days without pooping and I feel so FULL AND DISGUSTING. HELP ME!!!

    11. Pregnant people bravely understand that there's a high probability their stomach will get sliced open or that they will tear ~down there~.

    Stitches after childbirth

    12. Pregnant people bravely know they could be risking their lives to give life to their child.

    Did you know: 3 of the leading causes of maternal death are severe bleeding after birth, infections, and high blood pressure during pregnancy. Skilled care before, during and after birth can manage ALL of these complications. #SaveMoms

    13. Pregnant people bravely realize they won't be able to do some of the fun things they used to – like certain spa treatments or amusement rides.

    14. And pregnant people bravely sacrifice certain foods and alcoholic beverages.

    “all of my pregnancy cravings are alcohol so I’ll never be satiated” my very pregnant sister right now

    15. Pregnant people bravely suffer through being poked with needles on a regular basis.

    The perks of pregnancy. Double blood test! =( #PregnancyProblems

    16. Pregnant people bravely experience bad back and frontal pain.

    Pregnancy is beautiful but it hurts, I’ve been up for the past 30 minutes crying over my back pain

    17. And pregnant people bravely take on changing mood swings and hormones.

    Had my first huge pregnancy mood swing, and Nate told me I was being dramatic. I almost punched him in the nose.

    So, there you go. Pregnant people are the bravest. The End!


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