These 21 Moms Described What Childbirth Feels Like And I'm About To Pass Out

    "It felt like I swallowed a cheese grater, then shat it out whole."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to describe what childbirth is like. Their answers are so painfully accurate, we can feel them.

    1. "Childbirth felt like my baby was coming out of the wrong hole."

    2. "Childbirth felt like a nine-pound soccer ball with razor-sharp scissors sliding up and down my uterus and lower stomach."

    3. "My C-Section felt like a 300-pound man was sitting on me while someone else gutted me and ripped out all my organs."

    4. "It felt like the chest-bursting scene in Alien, but coming through my back (yay back labor)."

    5. "I remember learning about medieval torture/execution methods, in particular the one where they tie each of your limbs to a different horse and the horses trot off in opposite directions until they literally rip you apart. That's what childbirth felt like for me."

    6. "I had a natural water birth and it felt like I was dry heaving out of my vagina."

    7. "I felt like a teddy bear being stuffed."

    8. "When the baby was crowning, it felt like there was a tiny welder down there using a torch around my vaginal opening."

    9. "I remember thinking that being stabbed repeatedly would have been much less painful."

    10. "Take your bottom lip and stretch it all the way up to your forehead. That's what it felt like!"

    11. "It felt like a rusty dagger being slowly twisted in my lower back."

    12. "Imagine the feeling of lightning shooting down your lower back, groin, and thighs – along with the tightest feeling you’ll ever experience. The pain was so bad I couldn't even speak and could barely breathe."

    13. "Giving birth to all four of my kids was different, but the same in the fact that it felt like my insides were stretched to their breaking point and then dragged raw on flaming sandpaper."

    14. "Imagine having someone wring out your uterus like a dishcloth while stabbing it with a hot poker...for 15 hours."

    15. "I felt like I swallowed a cheese grater, then shat it out whole."

    16. "There is definitely a 'have to poop' sensation, even with the epidural."

    17. "It felt like I was pushing my butthole out of my body."

    18. "Have you ever had period cramps so bad you doubled over from the pain? Multiply that by 10-20 and you’ve got contractions. Have you ever been so constipated that by the time you finally pooped, you thought for sure it’d be the size of a football? That’s the pushing."

    19. "Basically, it felt like my uterus was slowing splitting in half."

    20. "Labor felt like a Charlie-horse cramp in every muscle from my shoulders to my knees."

    BUT...WAIT...not everyone has terrible childbirth experiences...

    21. "Childbirth was amazing! Amazing! I had zero pain!"

    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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