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    16 Pranks People Pulled Off That Are Next-Level Good

    Just in time for April Fool's.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the best pranks they have successfully pulled off. Feel free to steal these genius ideas for April Fool's!

    1. "I hid one of every pair of shoes in the house. Five minutes before we had to get somewhere, everyone was frantically searching for their missing shoe. IT WAS HILARIOUS!"


    2. "In a dorm prank war my freshman year of college, I screwed off the shower head, put a couple chicken bouillon cubes inside, and put the head back on. Then I sprinkled blue Jello mix powder onto the towels. Next thing I knew, some guy was yelling about chicken soup and stained blue like a Smurf from drying off with his towel."

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    3. "I convinced my mom that the more pictures and videos she takes, the heavier her phone gets. She cleared out all her pictures and videos."


    4. "A manager, who wasn't very familiar with word processing, left his monitor unattended on April Fool's Day. I went into his settings and programmed 'the' to autocorrect to 'I am a dumbass.'"


    "It took him hours of trying to avoid 'the' in emails and documents before he finally called helpdesk. He laughed about it later. DAYS later."


    5. "I filled a bottle of lotion with instant tanning cream and told my sister I found a really good moisturizer she should try. I watched her slather loads of it on her whole her left arm."


    "She had to wear long sleeve tops for a week (it was very hot that week)."


    6. “I pulled a prank on my dad where I left photos of Nicholas Cage EVERYWHERE. The kitchen cabinets, oven, fridge, toilet seat cover, in his book. I probably ended up printing about a hundred Nicholas Cage faces total. Just when my dad thought he found all of them, he was pulling out of the garage and almost had a heart attack when he saw Nicholas Cage in his car camera.”



    7. "I put coffee grounds in the tank of the toilet in my mom's bathroom. Basically, when you flush, the toilet will fill with brown water (which is usually an indication of a burst pipe). I heard the toilet flush and mom came running out of the bathroom in a panic."


    "I let her call my dad and when she was about to call the plumber, I finally told her. She still says it was the best prank I ever pulled on her."


    8. "I once stole all of my best friend’s clothes and replaced them with empty toilet paper rolls. If it weren’t for the TP rolls, all of his drawers would’ve been bare."

    9. "I had a really unflattering picture of my mom making a weird face, so I had it put on customized M&Ms and put them out in a bowl at a family friend's party."



    10. "I changed my iPhone's name to 'Hot Cheese,' and I airdropped random people pictures of Guy Fieri in my classes at college. It would have a pic of Guy and say, 'Hot Cheese would like to airdrop this to you.'"


    "Everyone was so confused and thought it was someone from the class next door."


    11. "I used Google Voice to make my friends and family believe we were being spammed by a fake dating site for people who love llamas. It was called 'Llama Llovers.' I sent text updates for blog posts, singles mixers, and even a special musical event!"


    "Any time they were given a prompt to 'cancel their services' I would thank them for upgrading services instead and send texts more frequently."


    12. "I filled an empty orange juice container with water and mac and cheese cheese powder. Two people fell for it."

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    13. "In college, my roommate was OBSESSED with Dairy Queen. So, I photoshopped screenshots of our school’s online news articles from Facebook saying a Dairy Queen was opening near us. She took it very seriously and started telling family and friends. After a few weeks, we sat her down and told her it was fake. She cried because she was so disappointed. Here’s a pic of the fake news article made."

    "I had to find a Dairy Queen and buy her an ice cream cone so she would forgive me."


    14. "I got a universal remote and would secretly turn the TV on and off and change channels during class."


    "The teachers would always be so confused."


    15. "I put soy sauce in milk and told my mom it was chocolate milk. She drank it."


    16. "My mom was a teacher at my high school and other students were constantly asking me for test answers even though I had no access to them. One guy – who always insisted I had access to the test answers – told me my mom was giving out a multiple choice test and asked if I could get him the answers. I told him I could, and a few days later gave him the 'answer key.' Truth was I just typed a bunch of A, B, C, and Ds on to a paper and did my best to make it look legit."

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    "He saw me in the hall after the test and said, 'Hey thanks!' and winked. I replied, 'Yeah, I made all those answers up. You probably failed.' His face dropped quick. I told my mom later. She laughed. He did fail. Don't cheat, kids."


    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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