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    15 Jokes That Are 110% True If You Overthink Literally Everything

    My special skills include jumping to conclusions and worrying about hypothetical situations for hours.

    1. When unexpected visitors arrive:

    2. When there's no such thing as rest:

    3. When you always assume the worst:

    4. And have already convinced yourself something bad happened:

    5. When you can't control your thoughts:

    6. When your brain never stops:

    7. When you try to rehearse:

    8. And when it never goes the way you planned:

    9. When you know you have one thing going for you:

    10. When you are hard on yourself for no reason:

    11. When you try to act casual:

    12. When you need several days to consider something:

    13. When you are both logical and illogical:

    14. When you're creating that Tinder profile:

    15. And when the truth does not set you free:

    We see you, we get you. ❤️