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    14 Kids We Should Maybe All Be A Little Worried About

    Oh the innocence of a child.

    1. This kid who enjoys drinking beverages out of doll heads.

    lainaab_ / Via Instagram: @lainaab_

    2. This little girl who said she was "cooking pizza with ground pony and peas."

    pictures_by_peaches / Via

    3. And this little girl who likes to host her own séances.

    4. This kid who, um, might be a little confused about childbirth.

    gagabacon / Via Instagram: @gagabacon

    5. This kid who thinks her dolls look better all tied up.

    crystalkewl / Via Instagram: @crystalkewl

    6. And this kid who thinks they look better strapped down.

    lindholme_house / Via

    7. This kid who bathes Barbies head first.

    shanstu / Via

    8. And this kid who bakes doll heads in play ovens.

    dogtor_mom / Via

    9. This kid who always hangs her dolls from the stairs and leaves them.

    aprilandersonphoto / Via

    10. This kid who decided to do their own Tangled + Carrie mashup.

    jennaclements • / Via

    11. And this kid who, obviously, made Barbie look better.

    sastrugi_gill / Via

    12. This kid who likes eating styrofoam cups.

    mrskatie_k / Via Instagram: @mrskatie_k

    13. And this kid who bites (non-toxic) markers like candy.

    tipseegypsy / Via Instagram: @tipseegypsy

    14. And this kid who might be attempting to flush dolls down the toilet.

    elizamfulton / Via Instagram: @elizamfulton

    Kids. Gotta love 'em!