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13 Photos That Prove Moms Make Their Own Damn Rules

Making their own damn rules.

1. This mom who has overnight toothbrushes for each one of her friends.

2. This mom who marks the height of every single person who comes to her home for the first time.

3. This mom who has kept all the registration stickers on her license plate since 1984.

4. This mom who printed and framed a picture from Facebook.

5. This mom who keeps a wine glass in her glove compartment for emergencies.

missjackiewilson / Via

6. This mom who uses Pringles cans as candle holders.

7. This mom who puts socks on her chairs.

8. This mom who has been tracking her gas purchases since 1998.

9. This mom who still enjoys the kiddie table at the doctor's office.

cuppycake420 / Via

10. This mom who saves "pork juice" to cook with.

john_capek / Via

11. This mom who puts holy water into old medicine bottles.

jxmathew / Via

12. This mom who always censors her calendar with Post-Its.

13. And this mom who apparently drinks out of the straw holes on lids? IDK.

emeliemagan / Via

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