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Seven Times David Usher’s 90’s Hair Was More Majestic Than Yours

I recently got to meet the object of my girlhood desires David Usher, frontman of the 90’s band Moist, (a moment now forever immortalized on a coffee cup for me by my hilarious boss) and I was reminded of not only how much I swooned during my formative years listening to "Push" and "Tangerine", but just how on point David Usher’s glorious mane was – and still is! Here are seven times David Usher’s 90’s hair was more majestic than yours #Hairspiration

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1. When he popularized the extreme side part

2. When he rocked this stylish headband

3. When he invested in a wind machine and his money did not go to waste

Really the entire video for Gasoline is just glorious!

4. When he showed us how to pump up the volume

5. And the benefits of a sleek blowout

6. When he lovingly supported all hair choices (even if that choice was lack of hair)

7. When the shine from his locks overpowered this green shirt

I don't know how he achieved my dream hair without dry shampoo or heat styling tools but it is safe to say David Usher is a 90's hair legend, not to mention Canadian rock royalty. Having just missed Moist's cross Canada tour, I'll have to pre-order David's book for my next fangirl fix!

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