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Seven Times David Usher’s 90’s Hair Was More Majestic Than Yours

I recently got to meet the object of my girlhood desires David Usher, frontman of the 90’s band Moist, (a moment now forever immortalized on a coffee cup for me by my hilarious boss) and I was reminded of not only how much I swooned during my formative years listening to "Push" and "Tangerine", but just how on point David Usher’s glorious mane was – and still is! Here are seven times David Usher’s 90’s hair was more majestic than yours #Hairspiration

Krista Lee 4 years ago

11 Bands You Will Only Remember If You Were A Canadian 90’s Kid

Or, a strange nostalgic trip through my awkward 90's youth with videos.

Krista Lee 5 years ago