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Everyone Is Feeling Super Sorry For This Girl Having To Deal With Her Boyfriend's Terrible Puns

Her reactions are literally all of us.

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Earlier this month, 25-year-old Jackson Viera from Portland uploaded a video of himself bombarding his girlfriend with puns.

Viera told BuzzFeed News he loves annoying his girlfriend, Stacey, with puns, so he decided to record her reactions and wait to see if she ever laughed.

"I got the idea for the video because I love bothering her with puns and I thought our friends would enjoy it too," he said. "It only took a few days to record a dozen or so puns."

According to Viera, the reaction to the video has largely been sympathy for Stacey suffering his terrible jokes.

"It's so hard to get her to laugh at these jokes, so anytime she does I consider that a victory," he said.

While Stacey tried to resist the puns, Viera eventually won her over with a well-timed shoe joke.

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