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There's A Shiba Inu Who Loves Swings So The World Can't Be That Bad


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This is Uni-chan. Uni-chan is a 6-year-old shiba inu who loves going to the playground.

Especially going on the swings.

She really super loves it.

So much.

Uni-chan's owner, Meme, told BuzzFeed that she takes Uni-chan out for a walk early each morning so she has the swings to herself.

"She likes high places and playground equipment," she said.

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Uni-chan's smiling face has proved so popular, she became the subject of a Reddit Photoshop battle.

On her dog's viral fame, Meme said that she's "happy that the cuteness of Uni is being spread at unknown places, and that people are getting to know the personalities and life of a shiba."

So darn happy.

You can see more of Uni-chan's playground adventures here.

This article originally appeared on BuzzFeed Japan.

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