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    This Guy Delivering A Presentation In Batman Armor Is Better Than All Of "Batman V Superman"

    Do you read? You will.

    Raymond Luna is a 23-year-old part-time student from Covina, California.

    In his spare time he likes to cosplay. At the moment, his chosen character is Ben Affleck's Batman, to match his girlfriend's Wonder Woman character.

    Luna told BuzzFeed News that for his class presentation on the history of cosplay, he asked his professor if he could deliver his speech in full Batfleck costume from Batman V Superman. His professor said yes.

    Luna waited outside of class for the professor to announce his presentation, then made his entrance.

    According to Luna, his classmates loved his presentation and many have since asked him about getting a costume of their own.

    "I'm always excited when others approve of this," he said. "I know there was a time when cosplaying was frowned upon and looked at differently. Today, many people want to get in on the fun.”

    Most definitely the student Mt. San Antonio College deserves.

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