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This Guy Reimagined The Presidential Candidates As Pokémon And It's As Awesome As You Think

Which one will evolve into a President?

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Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch has reimagined the 2016 Presidential candidates as Pokémon characters.

Tried drawing Pokemon while listening to election news, resulting in this guy #PresidentialPokemon

Hirsch told BuzzFeed News that the idea to combine the two came when he realized both are " strange creatures who repeat their own name constantly and publicly fight each other for our amusement."

#050 "Lil Marco" TYPE: Sweaty ATTACKS: Dig self into hole WEAKNESS: Water #PresidentialPokemon

According to Hirsh, Bernie Sanders is a fire type to match "feel the Bern". Rubio is "totally forgettable, basically a whack-a-mole", so a Diglett. Buterfree matched the colour of several of Hilary's suits.

Cruz is Hypno, because as Hirsch said, both "look like they might be the Zodiac Killer." And Trump is Muk because Muk is "the only Pokémon that's literally a pile of talking garbage."

This one is called "Schmuck" #PresidentialPokemon

When asked what Pokémon he's choose for current President Barack Obama, Hirsh picked Geodude called Ba-Rock, "because, you know. Puns."

No word as of yet if someone as tested which Presidential Pokémon candidate would win in battle.

None of my drawings come close to this HypnoCruz by @DanaTerrace #PresidentialPokemon

Brendan Smialowski / AFP / Getty Images

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