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    Some Puppies Poked Their Heads Through A Wall And Made A Lot Of People Happy

    What good little pups.

    At the weekend, Twitter user @Vocal_YURI was hanging about in Nagasaki, Japan, when they came across an incredible thing.

    @Vocal_YURI / Twitter

    "I caught something wriggling in the corner of my sight, and when I looked, they were the woof woofs! I was actually kinda surprised… But they’re so cute..."


    @Vocal_YURI / Twitter


    @Vocal_YURI / Twitter

    That's three pups with their heads shoved through a wall.

    @Vocal_YURI / Twitter

    Naturally, people were excited. Since the tweet was posted, the photos have been retweeted over 100,000 times.


    Many users noted that Shiba Inus seem to have a particular knack for sticking their heads through things, like here.

    And here.

    And here.

    Let's hope this trend never ends so we can be continually reminded of the beauty of Shiba Inus.

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