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The Internet Believes These "Rogue One" Characters Should Date

WARNING: This could spoil the film for you.

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A new Star Wars film means a new favourite couple. With the release of Rogue One, people on the internet have fallen for a new pairing – Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus.

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The support for the characters' relationship is strong.

i love baze malbus and chirrut îmwe more than i love myself

They just really love them.

not to be dramatic but I would die for Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus

It's the new 'ship!

daily reminder that i love my gay chinese dads, chirrut imwe and baze malbus

Fans have been making artwork celebrating the supportive nature of the pair's relationship.

And humorously highlighting Îmwe's dependance on Malbus.

And there are just so many memes.

chirrut: look how beautiful those stars tonight baze: well theyre beautiful chirrut: and you know who el— baze: wait you're blind

There are already over 100 words of fanfic on Archive Of Our Own featuring the pair.

And like last year's Finn/Poe, Chirrut X Baze is also being compared to the Star Wars universe's classic couples.

But unlike Finn Poe...

...We probably wont get to see much more of them in future films.

Han and Leia: "I love you", "I know" Chirrut and Baze: "I don't need luck. I have you" #RogueOne

We can dream though.

modern day chirrut and baze celebrating their anniversary in a fancy restaurant - safe and sound without anything t…

Chirrut x Baze forever.

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