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    Teens Are Freaking Out Because They Think #Brexit Has Affected Asos


    On Thursday night, Asos's website and app crashed.

    Our website and app are down right now but hang in there – our tech gurus are working on it and we'll be back ASAP!

    Of course, everyone was totally calm and began tweeting about whether the website was actually broken, or whether this had something to do with #Brexit.

    ASOS has been down for like 8 hours as soon as the pound started falling 🤔

    People started discussing whether the website had crashed due to a large surge in visitors looking to take advantage of a weakening pound, or because Asos ~secretly~ closed the website to change prices.

    Side effect of #Brexit - people are making most of falling £ to do mass online shopping.. so now @ASOS website down

    There was fear.

    asos is down, theyre changing their prices, letssssssssssssss go

    ::siren:: yo the asos website is down this is not a drill brexit already have very very serious consequences

    Asos has been down since.. They are changing all their prices uno. No more sales 😂😂😂

    Lots of fear.

    Asos site is down... Are they leaving us too?

    Gonna blame everything on it now, Asos website is down? It's cause we've left the EU

    International levels of fear – French people feared the Brexit would mean higher shipping costs, but maybe lower clothing prices.


    "The advantage of #Brexit is that Asos, Dr Martens, and Creepers will be cheaper!"


    "OK, so let’s talk straight. Will Brexit have an impact on the Asos shipping prices? … What do you mean, I’m shallow?!.."

    Ça veut dire qu'on va avoir des frais de port supplémentaires quand on fera des commandes asos???? #Brexit

    "Are you saying we will have additional shipping costs when we make Asos orders????"

    Asos has strongly denied claims the crash had anything to do with Thursday's referendum, saying it was simply an IT glitch.

    @dannii_joy We’ll be back online soon, we promise! We’ve had some tech issues but its def not linked to #Brexit.

    But we're all thinking.

    Oprah Winfrey

    BuzzFeed France also wrote about the Asos freakout here.