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People Are Mocking American Teenagers' Promposals With This Hilarious Meme

'Tis the season.

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In case you haven't noticed, it's promposal season.

Promposals are when American teenagers elaborately ask other teenagers to prom. It can get pretty intense.

In response, teenagers outside the US have been mocking the dramatic promposals with the meme "Americans Be Like..."

Americans be like "can I borrow your pen"

Americans be like "Will you follow me on Twitter?"

Of course, the phrase has been used before now, but it's just taking a new, even more hilarious form thanks to prom season.

Americans be like "you want to go McDonalds?"

Americans be like "Can I have your number?"

We sincerely hope that everyone who wants to have a date for prom gets one.

Americans be like 'do you wanna go Starbucks?'

Americans be like: "I beg you come corner shop with me?" 😂😂

Whatever that might involve.

Americans be like, "can you pass me the remote?"

Americans be like "wanna do a group project with me?"

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