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    A Woman Has Been Documenting The Adorable Notes Her Neighbors Are Using To Flirt With Each Other

    It's not true love unless it's posted on the internet.

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    TwistnRoll is a Reddit user from Lyon, France. On Wednesday morning, she took a photograph of a poem written by one of her neighbors for a woman who lives in the building.


    "Note to a neighbor

    I ran into you one night, and I didn't note your name

    I just know that you live here and we said goodbye on this door step

    You know where I work and I will wait for you there anyway

    To finally be able to put a name on your face.

    Don't throw this away or else she won't be able to see it."

    When she returned from work that evening, she told BuzzFeed France that the poem had a response: “I don’t know if this is about me… What is the first letter of your name?”

    And later, another response, presumably from the original writer of the poem: "It's a Y (and this is about you) :)"

    Reddit users have rallied around the romantic writer, sending their support.


    "I love the note on the bottom of the page."


    "I shall return, I'll make popcorn."


    "I would stick a condom on the post and wish him luck!"

    "There was nothing new when I went to my work this morning but obviously, I will let you know if there is something new," TwistnRoll told BuzzFeed France.

    Sadly, the poem hasn't received any more responses. Love can wait and so will we.

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