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    A Woman Has Been Documenting The Adorable Notes Her Neighbors Are Using To Flirt With Each Other

    It's not true love unless it's posted on the internet.

    TwistnRoll is a Reddit user from Lyon, France. On Wednesday morning, she took a photograph of a poem written by one of her neighbors for a woman who lives in the building.

    When she returned from work that evening, she told BuzzFeed France that the poem had a response: “I don’t know if this is about me… What is the first letter of your name?”

    And later, another response, presumably from the original writer of the poem: "It's a Y (and this is about you) :)"

    Reddit users have rallied around the romantic writer, sending their support.

    "There was nothing new when I went to my work this morning but obviously, I will let you know if there is something new," TwistnRoll told BuzzFeed France.

    Sadly, the poem hasn't received any more responses. Love can wait and so will we.