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    The Latest Huge Meme Is About Dogs That Look Like Food

    Mind = destroyed.

    Earlier this month, Karen Zack, who goes by @teenybiscuit on Twitter, posted a picture to her Twitter, asking "labradoodle or fried chicken?"

    (Back in 2015, Zack had also asked "duckling or plantain?" and "shrew or kiwi?". )

    The post went huge, so Zack naturally continued asking the big questions, like "puppy or bagel?"

    "Sheepdog or mop?"

    "Chihuahua or muffin?"

    Zack's post has now become a meme, with people sharing animals and people that look like other objects.

    @lanesainty and I made a @teenybiscuit meme and it went VIRAL (in cool dog group)

    i wanted to be in the conversation so i made "pomeranian or pancake?"

    @teenybiscuit I just came across with your pics and I'm so excited cuz I made my "pita bread or my cat" 2days ago!

    Too far.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Zack for comment.

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