A Bunch Of Men Are Freaking Out Because The Latest "FIFA" Game Includes Women

    Only men do sports right?

    On Thursday EA Sports announced that FIFA 16 will allow gamers to play as female football players for the first time.

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    People will be able to choose from 12 women’s national teams and compete against one another in Match Day, Offline Tournaments, and Online Friendlies modes.

    However, a lot of people seem confused as to why women have been included in this edition of the game.

    Women's national teams on FIFA 16? What the fuck why would I want to play with women, they shouldn't even play football! Get gone

    Why the fck would people want women of fifa 16 hahaha what's the point

    FIFA 16 features women's football? Why?

    Some think it's an attempt to achieve some sort of feminist equality.

    Women being on FIFA 16 is a clear example of equality gone wrong.. The standard isn't as good as the conference so why one and not the other

    So now there's gonna be women's football on FIFA 16, why do women have to interfere with everything we do?! ✋

    Why is women's football on FIFA you don't see men trying to get there way onto NETBALL 16 do we?

    I like the way western feminist are celebrating that women are included on Fifa 16 like it massive step forward in equality. (1)

    Others are speculating that it may be to provide players of the game with more enjoyment.

    Playing with women on FIFA 16 is the only action some of you will get so dunno why you're complaining tbh

    i dunno why EA's introducing women teams on fifa 16 yazi...unless they gonna exchange jerseys at the end of a match 🔥

    @EASPORTSFIFA @MattNisbet_ is gunna wank over alex morgan

    My ultimate team name in Fifa 16 is going to be #TheBreastMovement n actually include breasts in it

    Or to make the game easier.

    Women in Fifa 16? Nice I guess but why would you ever play them unless you wanted to handicap yourself?

    FIFA 16 women's looks easy, just shoot and aim for top bins, female GKs ain't saving that, they're not tall like Cech and dem man

    If I'm beaten by a women' team on FIFA 16 i might as well kill myself

    Why would women want to play football?

    Why would I want to play as a women in Fifa 16

    Why women?

    Why are women on Fifa 16?😂😂😂 They can't play football


    Really Fifa, women's football in 16 yet no Latvian 2nd OR 1st divisions??? This is why feminism is destroying our culture!

    It's not like football fans have anything else to worry about...

    The response from French fans hasn't been much better.