20 Things Anyone Who Had A Game Boy Growing Up Will Understand

    "You don't just turn it on and get the apps?"

    1. That little chime the Game Boy makes when you turn it on will always make you feel nostalgic.

    2. Even if it used to annoyingly glitch sometimes right when you turned it on.

    3. And you tried the old "blow into the cartridge" trick if your game wouldn't load.

    4. All of your games were extremely precious to you, even if some of them kind of sucked...

    5. Because you only got new ones on your birthday or Christmas and had to rely on your parents' choices in games.

    6. If you were super organized, you probably kept your games in these little plastic cases.

    7. Which you kept in an even bigger plastic case.

    8. Playing in a poorly lit environment was pretty much impossible.

    9. Unless you were lucky enough to own one of these, which kind of helped.

    10. You had to write down each level password if you wanted to continue your game.

    11. And you had to make sure there was an adequate supply of batteries around.

    12. You probably took your first ever selfie using one of these.

    13. And you thought the quality was pretty darn incredible.

    14. You had no idea who these people were and they probably used to creep you out just a bit.

    15. If you wanted to play a multiplayer game you had to take it in turns or get one of these fancy cables.

    16. Sometimes you'd get in the zone and completely block out any trace of real life.

    17. But if you played it too much your poor thumbs would end up feeling pretty sore.

    18. Kids today might think Game Boys are pretty... dated.

    19. And they will probably never understand how incredibly amazing they were.

    20. But regardless, Game Boys will always hold a special place in your heart.

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