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17 Reasons Why Vegan Diets Are Literally The Worst

"Why would anyone choose to be vegan?!"

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1. "A vegan diet lacks variety"

2. "Vegan food is boring"

3. "How are you going to get all your essential nutrients?"

4. "Vegans need to take a lot of supplements"

5. "They can't even eat ice cream!"

6. "It's not pizza unless there is cheese!"

7. "Vegans don't get enough protein"

8. "Tofu is gross and has no flavour"

9. "Vegan diets are so restrictive!"

10. "Vegan food is bland"

11. "Everything tastes better with meat!"

12. "Why would you want to eat leaves all day?"

13. "Vegan food is so expensive!"

14. "Vegan food isn't satisfying"

15. "You couldn't possibly get all the nutrients you need from a vegan diet"

16. "Vegan food isn't real food"

17. "Humans were meant to eat meat!"

But for real though, let's stop judging each other based on what we do or don't eat. You do you.

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