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    17 Mrs. Krabappel Moments That Are Almost Too Damn Funny


    1. When she didn't care about protecting the children's feelings.

    2. And then when she only did what was best for the kids.

    3. When she showed a Sex Ed film in class.

    4. When she tried to take the pressure off during an aptitude test.

    5. When she led her coworkers on a teachers strike.

    6. When she did her best to reassure the children.

    7. When she attempted to teach Roman numerals.

    8. When she was completely honest on her date with Seymour Skinner.

    9. When she couldn't resist Mr. Bergstrom's charm.

    10. When she was taken over by dance fever in one of Bart's dreams.

    11. When she expected more from Bart.

    12. When she tried to make small talk at a kids party.

    13. When Edna and Seymour were caught "making babies" in the janitor's closet.

    14. When she was surprised by Bart's reaction to yet another "F" on a test.

    15. When she took great care in the precise placement of her desk.

    16. When she was just as unenthusiastic about a trip to the box factory as some of the children.

    17. And when she thought this would be an appropriate act for the school teacher's talent show.

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