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24 Times Denny's Completely Owned Twitter In 2015

It's the only account you need to follow, tbh.


looks like the emerald city super birds and the new eggland freedom guys are headed to the uber bowl


"and the grammy goes to...a refrigerator." "wow, thank you. it's hard work humming quietly 24/7 but someone's gotta do it. me, a cold box."


"we are chill, we mean no harm. give us some fries." -llamas, probably


the lion, the witch, and the four bros (eating at denny's, just like hangin', man) #cookbooks



going to dennys bc it's the first day of spring & absolutely ZERO singing cartoon birds have tidied the cottage or made breakfast, smh.


record store day or sell overpriced inedible robot pancakes day? think about it, sheeple.


shout out to mother nature holding it down. father nature's on a couch somewhere stuffing pancakes in his mouth checking his golf app.



that's why people end up at denny's at 3am like wow how did we get here


always keep hash browns in your pocket so when you & your friends have an idea you can grab a handful & say “lets...hash out the details."


you either die a grape, or you live long enough to see yourself become a raisin


where did he buy pancake shoes


if your diss track was a little meek come in this weekend for a free piece of humble pie


want to convert a booth into a tiny little house like those weirdos on tv who build and buy tiny little houses


taylor: ladies & gentlemen please welcome to the stage...denny's! us: um..what t: say something! us: idk...pancakes n chill? what's going on


a denny's haiku for fall: the law states we must pumpkin-ify everything or we’ll face jail time



are babies sticky all the time because they have a secret stash of pancakes and syrup we don't know about? what else are you hiding, babies?


how many of you have friends who are low key weird with the ranch dressing just like...wild with that ranch


how to draw a thanksgiving pancake


hey buddy stop heatin up those leftovers buddy come on there buddy come on in to denny's we got fresh food haha buddy


kim: why do you put french fries on your pie dave: 2 distract myself from humanity's impermanence with overindulgence kim: dave please chill


*furiously scribbling ideas to reference big movie premiere* ok so it's soda instead of yoda

See you in 2016, you glorious accident of restaurant.

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