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17 Absolutely True Facts About Your Tumblr Faves

Where is the lie?

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1. There are only two parts to Lee Pace and they are both very attractive.


2. Tatiana Maslany is everywhere. Tatiana Maslany is everyone. Therefore you are Tatiana Maslany.

BBC America

3. Chris Evans is an alien made of only sunbeams and Dorito crumbs.

4. RDJ has been the cause of several riots.

5. Benedict Cumberbatch's greatest achievement will always be transcending that barrier between fiction and reality.

6. Martin Freeman is the leading cause of ghosts in the world.

7. Misha Collins is an actual Disney Princess.


8. Mark Ruffalo is a fan of Paul Rudd.

9. Karen Gillan can lay a bitch out.


10. David Tennant is the only exception to the rule.

11. Even Kanye West is stunned by Sebastian Stan.

12. Kendrixuality is most commonly found in women 18-35.

13. Only Tom Hiddleston can save a Jason Derulo song.


14. Chris Pratt is a ye olde parselmouth.

Universal Pictures

15. Agony is what most people in the world feel when they look at Chris Pine.

16. We follow Natalie Dormer out of both love and fear.

17. Dan Rad is the person you'll most regret not making friends with before you die.

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