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    Mar 7, 2014

    11 Times Orlando Bloom's Legolas Was Showing

    Orlando Bloom, never change your beautiful awkward face.

    1. That moment when Will Turner realized it wasn't his moment.

    2. That moment when he demonstrated his attractiveness on Extras.

    3. When Will Turner's entire world narrowed to a person-sized hamster wheel.

    4. That time Drew Baylor would have rather taken a nap than hang out with that manic pixie dream girl.

    5. When the Duke of Buckingham's rage welled up over his high collar.

    6. When he was like, Listen arm, I'm trying to to get up why you gotta bring me down in Midsomer Murders.

    7. When the Calcium Kid realized he might as well try simply walking into Mordor.

    8. That time Paris of Troy was clearly expecting Aragorn instead of Eric Bana.

    9. That time when just as confused by golf in The Good Doctor as the rest of the world is all the time.

    10. That time Balian of Ibelin's flowing battle locks made you nostalgic for blonde extensions.

    11. That moment before Will Turner realizes his true love isn't going to run away with Barbossa.

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